Participant Profile

Ioana Țurcan


Ioana Țurcan is a farmer, interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer with a formal education in Cinematography, Documentary Filmmaking and Film/Video Production. Ioana’s medium-length documentary The Other Life of Charon (2015) was nominated for Best Short Film at the Romanian Gopo Awards and in 2021 and her fictional short film Empiric about a young textile worker during the communist period in Romania was presented at festivals widely. Ioana has also worked with experimental formats and performative media, creating exhibitions for galleries and public spaces on different ecosystem-related topics, such as landscape-based identity, family constellations and the process of adapting to ambiguous loss. In the past years, she has co-developed local initiatives to foster access to art education and cultural production, facilitating workshops on analog photography, creative writing, contact sports and filmmaking. Since 2021 she has been part of a duo called Uncertain Space, dealing with topics of caregiving, ambiguous loss, rituals and physical dependence. In 2022 with the transnational artist collective, an office, she developed site-specific activations presented at Documenta 15 (Germany), Fotograf Festival (Czech Republic) and Centrul de Proiecte (Romania).