Participant Profile

Inga Lace


Inga Lāce is a curator at the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art (LCCA) – the country’s largest institution of contemporary art that curates and produces local and international events. Focusing on topics like forced migration, inner colonization and gentrification, Inga is developing the project Portable Landscapes that examines the stories of exiled and émigré Latvian artists. Inga is also involved in the SURVIVAL KIT – the annual Riga contemporary art festival founded in 2009. Established as a reaction to 2008’s economic crisis, the festival invites artists and audiences to respond to every day changes and reflect on various survival strategies.

During her residency in the US, Inga anticipated tracing the Latvian and Baltic diasporic artists and examining the topic of migration from their prospective. She also explored the contemporary situation of resistance and hostility towards migration and the growing nationalistic tendencies.