Participant Profile

Eve Sussman and Simon Lee

United States
New York
Visual art

Simon Lee and Eve Sussman work on projects collaboratively and individually. They make films, videos, photography and installations. Much of their work challenges concepts of conventional cinema. They deconstruct the motion picture, examine how narrative deploys stories in unusual ways and expand the way we make and experience motion pictures. Lee and Sussman has been shown at Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montreal, the Tinguely Museum in Basel, Sundance Film Festival, the Next Wave Festival at BAM, NYC, IFC Center, NYC, The Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, MoMA, NYC, Reina Sofia in Madrid, and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek, Denmark.

Sussman and Lee worked on a new video inspired by the 1960’s American TV show, Peyton Place. They casted Russian performers and Russian-English simultaneous translators for an improvised, cut-up version of this classic soap opera that unearthed the underbelly of a fictional town. The work reflected on the often pined for  and often fictional mid-century nostalgic ideals of bygone “greatness”.