Participant Profile

Ernest Truely


Ernest Truely is a US artist and a founding member of Error Collective with the artists from Nordic and Baltic countries. Error dedicates disused spaces for cultural and social exchange through the design and construction of functional, site specific installation from available materials. The Error’s projects and installations were realized in the UK, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Finland and Slovenia. Truely was working on his PhD at the School of Art, Architecture and Design in Helsinki, Finland and ​teaching new media classes at Tallinn University, Estonia.

Truely researched beauty and spa culture in St. Petersburg to build upon his experience in creating sauna and spa installations in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and UK. He collaborated with local artists, cultural producers and people in the beauty industry to create work about spa and salon experience. During the Art Prospect festival 2016 Truely made a series of public performances titled @ErniesPopUpSpa where he invited the public to join him exploring trust, touch, intimacy and transformation through haircuts and the salon experience.