Participant Profile

Cynthia Madansky

United States
New York

Working in 16mm, super 8 and video, Cynthia Madansky’s films and videos integrate hybrid forms and traditions including experimental tropes, cinema verité, scripted narrative, ethnographic observation and dance and performance while interrogating the concept of personal responsibility and national accountability. She addresses cultural and political themes and illustrates the consequences of politics on the daily lives of individuals.

Cynthia planned to work on preproduction for ESFIR a 16mm film of Women, a script by Esfir Shub. Shot in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Siberia, ESFIR examined the current status of women in Russia, the influence of poetry on Shub’s editing practice and the phenomenon of women film editors in the Film Factory in Russia. During the one month residency, she scouted locations in St. Petersburg for the film and conduct interviews with local feminists about the status of women in Russia. Cynthia also planned to teach a master class and screen a selection of her films at the Saint Petersburg State University and the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio.