Participant Profile

Clarinda Mac Low

United States
New York
New York

Clarinda Mac Low is a multidisciplinary artist and organizer who is interested in the systems and underlying structures of culture and society, and in how to intervene in these systems to create a more fair, just, and loving world. She works to create spaces where expansive ideas sparked by creative practice can thrive and grow through her art and through Culture Push and Works on Water, organizations she co-founded and helps to run now.

Through her work, Mac Low has discovered effective methods of deploying artistic practice within the social realm. She shared these tools with artists and organizers in St. Petersburg through workshops and practicums about socially engaged art, while learning about other methods through her exchange with local artists and organizers. During these events, there were discussions about projects in progress, as well as an opportunity to brainstorm new projects. At the workshops Mac Low shared specific details of her projects and those of artists who have been part of Culture Push’s Fellowship for Utopian Practice.