Participant Profile

Carol Stakenas

United States
New York

Carol Stakenas is a curator and educator. Her practice is deliberately varied in scope, content, and context. She recognizes a multicentric increasingly transnational contemporary art world where curators, artists, and communities engage in projects that extend across national boundaries, tracing patterns of migration and cultural exchange.  Even hyper-local projects quickly connect to global conditions and urgencies.  She is currently a curator-at-large for (SPAN) Social Practices Art Network. Previously, she served as executive director of No Longer Empty (NYC) and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) as well as deputy director/curator of Creative Time (NYC).

Stakenas explored socially engaged public art projects in St. Petersburg. Through observation, conversation, and participation, she sought to address critical questions including how does a transnational perspective inform legibility of an artwork and its impact in global culture?