Participant Profile

Blane De St. Croix

United States
New York

De St. Croix’s work is primarily concerned with the environment: creating large-scale sculptural installations. His artworks and research is driven by the need to increase understanding of our shared social, political, environmental, and cultural challenges, within local communities, and in the global arena. Much of his work features large-scale sculptural installations: “monumental miniaturizations” of specific natural or man-made landscapes. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally in solo and group shows.

De St. Croix intended to continue his research and developed a series of sculptures for a solo exhibition at Mass MoCA in 2019 based on intensive interdisciplinary field research and community outreach that examined geopolitical issues in the world. In St. Petersburg, he investigated St. Petersburg’s relationship to the sea; the city has been affected by rising water levels in recent decades. De St. Croix planned to conduct preliminary studies for future landscape artworks reflective of St. Petersburg complex dilemma with nature and climate based on interviews with scientists, engineers and caretakers of the city’s major heritage sites along with extensive documentation.