Participant Profile



Bazinato (Bazil Stachievich) is an artist, researcher, and social and environmental activist from Belarus. They work with practices of interaction and perception exploring the world, macro and micro structures, patterns and connections. Bazinato’s work interacts with the environment, space and time, applying available art practices and scientific knowledge in experiments. They specialize in developing and leading interdisciplinary projects exploring connections between art, digital culture and science, cultural activism, and environmental movements.

Bazinato explores the connection of art to everyday experience through interaction and collaboration with the environment. An immersion in a different sensibility, where there are no binary relations, no natural and no human, and the human being is not a fundamental being. They explore the pattern of impermanence and variability of the nature of the perceived. Bazinato invites us to go beyond words, meanings and to form our own spirituality, through immersion in the natural substratum of the derivatives of being – difference and diversity.