Participant Profile

Asia Tsisar


Asia Tsisar (formerly known as Asia Senina) is a Ukrainian curator and culturologist. Graduate of the Department of Cultural Studies of the State Academy of Culture in Kharkiv, Ukraine, she developed her practice in-between art and cultural studies and focuses her interest on Central and Eastern Europe. Her topics of interest include archives, objects and collections, memory, commemoration, and the modes of rethinking the soviet past. She bases her curatorial work on methods of artistic research and creative storytelling.

Since 2014 Asia has developed projects related to sensitive points in the history of communities, such as Miller Flat, a temporary museum organized in an ordinary Kharkiv apartment in order to rethink the problematic points of the decommunization in Ukraine, The Calendar dedicated to the search for the place of the country’s history in the lives of  Belarussian artists and their place in the country’s history, Instant Time dedicated to the dreams of Ukrainians about the future of their newborn country in the early ’90s.  Currently, Asia is a curator of the Secondary Archive—a platform for women artists from Central and Eastern Europe: Ukraine and Belarus. She cooperates with the Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation (Poland) and works in Warsaw.