Participant Profile

Anna Gaidai


Anna Gaidai is a curator and manager of cultural and educational projects in Ukraine and internationally. The focus of her practice is collaborative projects in visual art and multidisciplinary projects, residencies, and cultural diplomacy. For last three years, Anna has been working as a curator and contemporary visual arts project manager at Jam Factory Art Center (JFAC) in Lviv, Ukraine. One of the projects she is curating at JFAC is the community-oriented art residencies within MagiC Carpets International Platform (Creative Europe).

Anna is also a co-author of Policy Brief “Visual Culture and Photography: Developing a Balanced Ecosystem in Ukraine”, an assessor of the international portfolio reviews at European photo festivals, and a member of the jury of art contest. Anna is also the co-founder of the NGO PhotoCULT Cultural Center and co-organizer of numerous exhibitions and international festivals of photography and visual culture (Kyiv, Chernihiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Munich) as well as international portfolio reviews in Ukraine (2011-2022). One of the projects that she has recently curated is the “Open Letter. Naked Emotions” project, which is a photography/ mail art exhibition. Anna was also a participant of Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel, Germany (2022).