Participant Profile

Andy Graydon

United States

Working in film, video, sound, sculpture, installation, and performance, the Hawai’i-born artist Andy Graydon narrates processes of change, from emergence to decay, focusing on moments of transition and metamorphosis. He is interested in natural and social ecologies, the role of listening and the voice, and engages structures of music such as scoring, improvisation, collective emergence, and community. Often ephemeral in nature, Andy’s work combines minimal materials with elements that are absent, fictional, or imaginary.

For his Back Apartment Residency, Andy was interested in what writer Boris Groys identified in Kazimir Malevich as “a dialetics of imperfection”: a sense of ongoing and progressive interaction as the eternal form of art. He planned to expand his work with sound, through its relational nature and its connection to ecologies, into a context that included traditions of materialism and Suprematism, in which progress and discovery were continually engaged, but never completed.