Participant Profile

Anastasiia Platonova


Anastasiia Platonova is an independent cultural critic, journalist, editor, and cultural analyst. Her current projects include co-editing the Unwinding Empire Project, a series of the texts by Ukrainian and international authors. The project focuses on the historical, social and cultural context of the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine, with the goal to provide a wider perspective on the background of this conflict. She has cooperated with major Ukrainian cultural institutions and works as a lecturer and a culture expert.

Anastasiia has over 20 years of professional experience in journalism and has written for various international media outles as well as and several key Ukrainian ones including Forbes, Ukrainska Pravda,, Focus,, KORYDOR, and ART Ukraine. She specializes in criticism of contemporary visual culture and cultural policies, as well as in cultural heritage and decolonization practices. Anastasiia graduated from the Faculty of Press and Journalism at the Institute of Journalism in Taras, Shevchenko (KNU).