Participant Profile

Alexandra Abakshina

Alexandra Abakshina/Pistoletova is a director, curator, performer, and hair stylist. Her interests include mimesis, the body, intimacy, dirt, drag, new releases, impossible bodies, male pregnancy, and hospitality. She is the cofounder of the post-anatomical theater MAAILMANLOPPU (2017) and One-night Stand (2019), as well as an employee of n i i c h e g o d e l a t (The Research Institute for Doing Nothing). Ablexandra studies and practices theater as contact, not immersion. She compares her plays to pop-up books, where mountains, forests, and flowers open up, taking the place of characters, and ideas become apparent (often physically so). She is the founder of No Mirrors Salon, a gallery, hair salon, and stage called to build upon the legacy of unconventional art, as well as put feminist theory into practice.