Participant Profile

Aleksandra Kubiak

Zielona Góra

Aleksandra Kubiak is a visual artist whose focuses on the social impact of art.  She works primarily in video and performance with the participation of the public and invited guests and objects. Her work has been exhibited in major institutions throughout Poland and internationally.  Kubiak currently teaches at the Institute of Visual Arts, University of Zielona Góra and collaborates with the BWA Gallery Zielona Góra and Salony Fundation.

Kubiak’s residency in St. Petersburg was the first step in creating her first feature length film, tentatively titled The Men I Meet. The film continues a biographical cycle aimed at working through the dark side of her family history. It begins with research about Kubiak’s family connection with St. Petersburg. Kubiak to traveled to the cities and places where her family members used to live to explore their relationships and how their lives might have affected her life. During her residency in St. Petersburg, Kubiak showed her films and gave a public talk hosted at the Polish Institute in St. Petersburg.