Participant Profile

Slava PTRK


Multimedia and mural artist, Slava PTRK often addresses political and social issues in his work through a prism of deep irony. Slava’s works reveal the absurdity of this world and draw public attention to things that are not so visible.

In his current work, Slava explores the connection between themes of violence and the city as a giant organism or a group of organisms. Being deeply troubled by the current processes occurring in Russian society, Slava focuses his work around the impact of human violence on a person, or holding power over a person, as well as human beings’ violent actions on the environment. In collaboration with a local photographer, Slava created Street Dirt, a series of shield-portraits placed on fences and sidewalks of Yekaterinburg that, after exposure to the city’s dirt and dust as well as random footprints of pedestrians, revealed the portraits of homeless people in the city.

During his ArtsLink Residency, he wanted to explore work that reflected on the issues currently confronting US society – discrimination, deepening racism, and police violence.