Participant Profile

Nadezhda Mukhina

St. Petersburg

Activist, theatre and performance artist Nadezhda (Ada) Mukhina explores migration, refuge, transcultural and cross-border communication, and global politics in her work. Through workshops Ada investigates modern Russian migration to the west; what drives people to leave their home country and what anchors them to stay. Ada’s interest in non-homogeneous communities informs her extensive work with young people as she investigates the growing xenophobia in modern society. She is deeply interested in how the lives of people of different cultures blend in the city or how they antagonize each other.

Ada directed ‘Locker Room Talk’ by Gary McNair – a provocative piece of event theatre examining sexually aggressive comments and sexism.

Ada was looking forward to engaging with US communities and artists during her residency. She wanted to explore new perspectives on the different ways art interacts with social engagement and activism, and planned to create a more advanced and nuanced project with her communities back home.