Participant Profile

Elina Kulikova

St. Petersburg
Theater and performance art

Elina Kulikova is an independent theatre director and performance artist. A participant in international theatre festivals and laboratories, she creates interactive and immersive performances and installations combining conceptual and processual approaches.

Elina is exploring the boundaries of contemporary performative practices and creating multidisciplinary projects: performances for one viewer, long-duration and site-specific and digital performances. She usually works in participatory art, creating projects in a sensitive aesthetic and calling on the viewer to activate olfactory and tactile perception.

Elina is constantly in two contexts: feminist and queer writing and their representation on the theatre stage. She directs texts and narratives that are not traditional for the drama theatre, supporting Russian female writers. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Elina has created several antiwar performances and will continue working on the war topic.

Elina is a graduate of the Liberal Arts and Sciences College (Smolny) at St. Petersburg State University and Bard College (NY, USA) in 2019.