Participant Profile

Andrei Rymar

Visual arts

Museum curator and arts manager Andrei Rymar joined the Samara Literature Museum in 2011 in the capacity of deputy director for research. In 2015 he co-founded Solarsense Museum Bureau, a creative enterprise with a mission to develop strategies and exhibition projects for museums. The Bureau worked with museums in Moscow, Dagestan, Tula, Nakhodka, Norilsk, Saint-Petersburg, Olonets and other cities. Most of these institutions are city museums whose work is intensely connected to local communities.

Holding a PhD in theory of literature, Andrei’s curatorial interest focuses on new forms of exhibition narratives, especially those connected to personal history. He proposes that personal choices, mistakes and life strategies are the most interesting and most difficult subjects for museums to address. He was a curator of several large exhibition projects deeply engaging city dwellers in the process of research and creation of exhibition concepts. For his residency in the US, Andrei intends to connect with museum colleagues working closely with local communities, and he is also keen to study how big data, AI and modern technology can offer engaging ways to explore people’s stories.