Inga Kuznetsova


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April-May 2010: UNC-Chapel Hill and PEN World Voices, New York
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Inga Kuznetsova was born in the Krasnodar region in 1974. She studied journalism, philosophy, and literary criticism at Moscow State University, and published her first poems at age 19, winning the Pushkin National Prize for Student Poetry two years later in 1995. Her first book of poems, Sni-Sinitsi (Chickadee Dreams), won the Triumph youth prize and the Moscow Score Award for best debut in 2003. Kuznetsova’s poems have been translated into English, French, Chinese and Georgian, and are featured in Contemporary Russian Poetry (Dalkey Archive, 2008) and The Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets (University of Iowa Press, 2005).  She has appeared at multiple poetry festivals, including the Frankfurt Book Fair (2003) and the “Small Silk Road” festival (Odessa-Georgia, 2005). Kuznetsova’s poetry is at once metaphysical and existential, characterized by strong visual metaphors and particular attention to rhythm and sound.