Art Prospect

Art Prospect brings together arts organizations, artists, curators, and urbanists to challenge standard notions of public space, nationality and culture and to demonstrate artistic and social practices as stimulate for community engagement and positive change. This initiative builds on CEC ArtsLink's 5 years of conducting St. Petersburg's only annual public art event, the Art Prospect Festival, a slate of activities which facilitate international exchange and collaboration between arts communities through network building, international public art festivals, residencies, workshops, and seminars. Organizations & individuals interested in the Art Prospect programs email here.


CEC ArtsLink created St. Petersburg's first annual public art festival in 2012 in response to local interest in pioneering art forms that reach audiences unfamiliar with contemporary art. Art Prospect expands its geographic scope in 2017 with Festivals in Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.


The Art Prospect Residency program provides opportunities for artists and curators to conduct research, create new work, collaborate with local arts communities, and create special projects in partnership with local arts organizations. Each 2 to 4 week residency is individually designed to enable visiting artists and curators to learn about the local arts community, develop their own work, and share information about their work and culture with local audiences.



Art Prospect was officially launched in 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia and resulted from collaboration between main organizer CEC ArtsLink 12 organization and independent curators from participating countries. These founding network members will work to stimulate community engagement, positive change, and encourage dialogue through social practice.