František Skala (Czech Republic) performing at FlipFest! in 2008 in NYC

František Skala (Czech Republic) performing at FlipFest! in 2008 in NYC

"The Unknown Landscape," 2009, by Laura Feldberga (Latvia)

"The Unknown Landscape," 2009, by Laura Feldberga (Latvia) shown at Buffulo State College‘s Gallery 234 during her residency at Griffis Sculpture Park

Application deadline for all disciplines:
December 3, 2014
Eligible project dates:
May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016

Maximum award: $5,000

2014 Independent Projects Awardees

Independent Projects awards provide funding to artists and arts managers who propose to undertake projects in the United States in collaboration with a US non-profit arts organization or individual artist. Applicants must have a letter of invitation from a US partner in order to apply for an Independent Projects award. If you do not have a letter of invitation, please consider applying to the Residencies program. Awardees are responsible for arranging all the details of the project including all travel and housing arrangements. Proposals must be thoroughly researched and clearly describe the project. They must include a detailed budget that indicates exact resources and expenses.

Support is provided to create new work that draws inspiration from interaction with artists and the community in the US; to establish mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and expertise between artists, arts organizations and the local community and to pursue artistic cooperation that will enrich creative or professional development or has potential to expand the community's access to the art of other cultures.

Descriptions of past ArtsLink Independent Projects can be found here. To consult with ArtsLink staff or to receive information about ArtsLink, please call 212-643-1985 x22 or e-mail