The Fund for Croatian Arts and Cultural Exchange

Program Description
FACE Croatia is designed to provide grants to support the broadening of public awareness of and appreciation for Croatian art and culture, and to encourage the growth of Croatian arts philanthropy in both Croatia and the United States.

Program Goals and Priorities
Established by the Heathcote Art Foundation, on January 11, 2000 to commemorate the birthday of its founder, Josephine Mercy Heathcote, FACE Croatia will support select arts and culture projects in Croatia and foster the exchange of professional contemporary artists between Croatia and the United States. FACE Croatia is designed to encourage tax deductible (for US tax payers) donor advised contributions from private and public sources including individuals, private foundations, corporations and public sector donors. FACE Croatia maintains an active database of information on Croatian artists, arts and culture organizations and their needs to enable donors to select projects of type, scope, and location suitable to their interests. Donors are not restricted to giving opportunities listed in the database and may use FACE Croatia to fund independent projects which fall within FACE Croatia's overall mission.

The Role of the Heathcote Art Foundation
The Heathcote Art Foundation, is a private grant-giving foundation established in New York in 1964 which supports arts organizations that assist emerging artists of promise and those which promote the creation of new and innovative work across a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines. Heathcote has made a commitment to support FACE Croatia on an ongoing basis. FACE Croatia grants funded by Heathcote will reflect the foundation's central mission to support emerging artists and will be restricted geographically to eligible organizations in Croatia, and New York-based arts organizations in the United States.

The Role of CEC ArtsLink
CEC ArtsLink supports programs and projects that promote dialogue among arts professionals in all disciplines, linking the US with Central Europe, Russia and Eurasia. Our programs are the ArtsLink Awards, VisArt: Contemporary Issues in the Arts, the Arts Leadership Fellowships, and the Open World exchanges for Russian cultural leaders. FACE Croatia is a welcome addition to CEC ArtsLink’s portfolio of international arts funding activities.

Applicant Eligibility
FACE Croatia has two funding categories: Croatian Arts and Culture Projects, and US/Croatian Cultural Exchange.
1.) Croatian Arts and Culture Projects Grants

2.)US/Croatian Cultural Exchange Grants Application Process
There is no application deadline. Project proposals may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by an advisory committee on a quarterly basis. Proposals should include:

For Futher Information or to Apply
FACE Croatia
CEC ArtsLink
291 Broadway, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Tel. 212 643 1985 x 22
email: al@cecartslink.org
FAX 212 643 1996

All application and additional materials must be sent via e-mail to al@cecartslink.org, please, do not send application by regular mail.

Past Recipients
See information on past recipients of Heathcote/FACE Croatia grants.