Our donors’ thoughtful contributions support creative cooperation among artists, thereby enriching communities in the U.S. and 37 countries abroad. Thank you!

The gift categories reflect the total of all contributions made by each donor between January 1, 2005 and March 31, 2014.
Major Benefactors
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; Henry H. Arnhold; The Black Sea Trust; The Christensen Fund; The Kettering Family Foundation; Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation; The Kettering Fund; Jane Lombard; Mondriaan Fund; National Endowment for the Arts; Susan and Peter P. Nitze; Ohio Arts Council; Open Society Foundations; Open World Leadership Center at the Library of Congress; Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation for Cultural Initiatives*; Clyde E. Rankin III; The Renova Group of Companies; The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation; The Rockefeller Foundation; David Rockefeller; Jane Safer; Trust for Mutual Understanding; U.S. Department of State Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, U.S. Embassy Moscow
Media Sponsors
Global Advertising Strategies; RTVI
Up to $25,000
Charlotte Cohen; Monika Dillon; The Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund; Robert & Ardis James Foundation; Ludmila S. Hess; Nicolas Iljine; Ellen M. Iseman; Ann F. Kaplan; Nordic Cultural Fund*; Raiffeisenbank*; St. Petersburg Committee on Culture*; Mercy Bona Pavelic; Alexey F. Surkov; Amei Wallach; Susan K. Williamson
Up to $10,000
Nina Abrams Fund; Michael C. Brainerd and Donald F. Gerardi; Eric Diefenbach and James Keith Brown; Marieluise Hessel; Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Mai; Lynn A. McCary and Evan Hughes; Richard Lombard and Nathalie Roy; Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Petschek; Steven Rand; Sandra A. Urie

Up to $5,000
American Express Foundation; The Atlantic Philanthropies; Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation, Inc.; John and Jody Arnhold; Arnhold Foundation; Joyce and Leonard Beckenstein; C. Elizabeth Behnke; Charles C. Bergman; Mr. and Mrs. George Beylerian; Kim A. Bingham; Todd Bishop; Jolana Blau; Fritzie Brown; Lutz and Carr; Hilda Chazanovitz; Jim Clerkin ; Martha Coigney; Ann K. Collins; Maureen Connor; Madeline McWhinney Dale; Dr. Vishakha N. Desai; Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Diefenbach; Mary Dinaburg; Helen W. Drutt English; David Eden; Stephen W. Fillo; Jeanne Donovan Fisher; Barbara J. Fey; Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg*; Finnish Fund for Art Exchange*; Kira and Neil Flanzraich; Ann Freedman; Lea and Stephan Freid; Beatriz G. Garcia; Nellie and Robert Gipson; Sunny and Brad Goldberg; Drew J. Guff; Agnes Gund; David N. Judelson; Peter H. Juviler; Daniela Kostova and Mike De Seve; Kimsooja; Mr. and Mrs. Younghee Kim-Wait; John C.† & Linda Lombard; Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; Robert Mandeltort; Frederick J. Martens; Lana Matta; Leo C. McKenna; Thomas M. Messer; Mr. and Mrs. Slade Mills; Claire Montgomery and James T. MacGregor; Kenneth F. Mountcastle; New York State Council on the Arts; Elaine W. Ng and Fabio Rossi; Office for Contemporary Art Norway*; Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Saint Petersburg*; Mary Ellen and Richard E. Oldenburg; Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Plotkin; Mr. and Mrs. Leon B. Polsky; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Poser; Nancy Delman Portnoy; Betty P. Rauch; Shelley and Donald Rubin; Barbara Schubert; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Scott; Nicole Seligman and Joel Klein; Peter Simmons; Parker Snowe; Andrew W. Solomon and John Habich; George Soros; Stephen Spicehandler; Michael Stanley and Pamela Au; Arthur Sulzberger Jr.; Consulate General of Sweden in Saint Petersburg*; Linda Sweet; Carolee Thea; TNT Express; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Hulst; Marica and Jan T. Vilcek; Thomas D. Whalen and Dana English; Shelby White; Ilona-Anne Wiss; Noah Wiss; Hassie Yankelovich

Up to $1,000
Leeza Ahmady; Edward Albee; Anonymous donors; Helene Blieberg; Melissa Rachleff Burtt; Patsy Chan; Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia; Brian Dailey; Jeanne Finley; Ronald and Frayda Feldman; Dr. Lesley K. Ferris; Anna and Leonid Frants; Olivia Georgia; Michael and Jennifer Glassman; Carol and Arthur Goldberg; Edward Goldberg and Barbara G. Saidel; Ananda Grant; Michael Griggs; Jane M. Gullong; Mr. & Mrs. Karl F. Inderfurth; Marisa Jahn; Beth Joselow; Grant Kettering; Kiwi Partners Inc.; Lucy Kostelanetz; Charlotte Kotik; Prof. Michael Landau; Glenn D. Lowry; Amb. and Mrs. William H. Luers; Marjorie Martay; Christine Martens; Steven and Ann Murphy; Sina Najafi; Jorge Z. Ortoll; Marian S. Pillsbury; Daniela Pondeva; Patricia Robert; Irving Sandler; Kenny Savelson; Trevor Smith; Stephan Stoyanov; Lara Taubman; Elise Thoron; Beverly D. Zabriskie

Up to $250
Katherine and Matthew Applebee; Dr. Daniel Banks; Rebecca Blake; Josie Brown; Julia Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher M. Brown; Joan Channick ; Carey Clark ; Steven Cosson; Carole Donlin; Jennifer Dowley; Saul and Ellen Dennison; Ursula Eagly; John Eisner; Dennis Elliott; Wendy Feuer; Boris Fishman; Allen Bowen Frame; Amy Guggenheim; Dr. Irving Hamer; Amb. & Mrs. Arthur A. Hartman; Frank Hentschker; Ruth B. Hillman; Samuel Hoi; Susan and Michael Hort; Brenda Hutchinson; Jim Jasper; Laura Kaminsky; Joshua Kohn; Vitaly Komar; Elizabeth Kostova; Scott P. Kurnit; La Mama Experimental Theatre Club; Nicole M. Logan; Melinda Maidens; Eric Margry ; Mr. and Mrs. David D. Mathews; Jennifer McGregor; Dr. Rosalyn McKeown-Ice; Prof. Louis Menashe; Edwin Meulensteen; Marilyn Milam; Kenneth and Diane Miller; Nicholas Muellner; Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Neff; Samuel A. Newsome; Jorge S. Ortell; Laurama Pixton; Dr. Rado Pribic; Anna and Martin Rabinowitz; Lynn L. Rakos; Zeke Reich; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Roberts; Brett Rollins; Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Roman; Blair A. Ruble; Joan Shapiro Green; Vera Silverman; Mr. and Mrs. Barry Smith; Amy Stebbins; Bonnie Sue Stein; Michelle Tea; Carrie E. Thompson; Marie F. Towle; Elizabeth Valkenier; William Wadsworth; Lilly Wei; Michael Welch; Ed Winkleman; Patricia Winpenny; Susan Wyatt; Dr. Sally Yerkovich; Diana Zavyalov

*Grants and contributions made to CEC ArtsLink’s Charitable Foundation in Russia