December 12, 2017

Dear Artists, Friends and Supporters,
Artists are unique in their ability to generate dialogue amongst communities and help create a safe space for sharing ideas and perspectives. They play a critical role in the ongoing process of building a healthy society by fostering understanding and cooperation around the globe.
I feel immensely privileged to take on the leadership of CEC ArtsLink with its vital mission of nurturing international exchange with artists and arts leaders. We are currently experiencing a level of geo-political tension around the world that we have not witnessed in generations. Whilst this makes our work ever more essential, it actually has always been imperative for artists to work internationally, cultivating a profound level of public engagement and international understanding.
I look forward to working with the vast network of alumni from 37 countries who have participated in CEC ArtsLink projects and programs over its illustrious 55 year history, and warmly welcoming many more in the years to come.
I hope you can partner with us over the coming years, as we grow and expand our international programs for artists and generate a broader public dialogue to enable us all to imagine and shape the world as it needs to be.
Simon Dove
Executive Director